Jack Petchey Winners Autumn 2018

Autumm 1st half term- Awarded to Rishi for his fantastic transition to Post 16:


Rishi transitioned incredibly well to post 16. Not only did he join a different class with new staff members but also on a different site at the Post 16 provision at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. However, he took all the changes in his stride and was just so happy to be exploring a different environment and meeting new people. He quickly made lovely relationships with both staff and students alike and got to know his way around- he is very independent! We are all very proud of Rishi and this award is very well deserved! Congratulations Rishi! 



Jack petchey 1 rr



Autumn 2nd half term- Awarded to Robbie for his progress in small step learning:


Robbie has been awarded the Jack Petchey Award for Small Step Learning.  Robbie has had an incredibly positive approach to new activities, new peers and new staff supporting him this year.  Since joining the class this year Robbie has been lively, alert and willing to engage in different activities with some adult support.  He is also becoming more independent in his approach to transitioning from one table of activities to another or requesting help to locate his favourite items. 


Jack petchey 2