Music Therapy

At Marlborough School we host music therapy students through Nordoff Robbins a company who train their own therapists via a 2 year Masters Programme (validated by Goldsmiths, University of London and approved by the Health and Care Professionals Council).  The therapists work with a wide range of partner organisations to deliver music therapy in schools, hospitals, care homes and other community settings. 

Marlborough School has a music therapy student one day per week from January-December 2019 who is able to deliver both individual and group music therapy sessions. 

Nordoff Robbins explain that their therapists are skilled musicians who have a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by people they work with and they work hard to make music's opportunities available in ways which are accesible but also impact on people's lives more generally. This happens via engagement in shared music making, whether this is done improvisationally, making use of music people already know, creating new music together or working towards some kind of performance.