Sing Up Award



Marlborough achieved the 'Sing Up' Silver Award in 2015. We were the first of only a very few special schools in the country to achieve this award. 


Singing is a big part of the school community as it is used across curriculum sessions, wholes school events, social times, choirs, performing arts clubs, performances and in our Marlborough festival.


Sing Up Mission: 

  • Children and Young People learn to sing well and develop their musical understanding. 
  • Learning outcomes improve; children and young people become happy, confident and creative individuals. 
  • School life is enhanced; access to our recources enables educators to create a culture of signing which fosters strong communities. 


Pamela McGahon from 'Sing Up' gave the following feedback: 


It is lovely to see the range of action songs and signed song being used with the students.


What a fantastic opportunity for the students at the school to share their signing experiences with a mainstream school. It gives a wonderful performance. 


It is great to see that you are able to encourage those students who can sing to keep improving their ability. 


Lovely idea to allow the students to listen to the songs and to make a choice about preferences.


It is great to see the accessibility of singing being addressed with the non verbal students and the use of switches for inclusion.


I am sure that the many families and visitors to the school enjoy performances put on by the students and love to support such events. 




Downloads Date  
Sing Up Award 2015 25th Feb 2015 Download