Key Stage 4 and 5 Achievements and Accreditations


Key Stage 4 and 5 Accreditations

Students at Marlborough School undertake accredited qualification within the OCR Life and Living Skills programme at Key Stage Four and Five.  This provides learners with high quality, nationally recognised qualifications.

The programme has been designed for a range of learners including those with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities. Credit based units provide valuable opportunities for students to develop and achieve a range of life skills which support each student to fulfil their potential.

Progression is supported through the programmes own structure including Entry Levels one, two and three.

The programme offers a completely flexible structure, which allows any combination of units, at any level to be selected to suit the particular needs and interests of each student. This provides the opportunity to build a rich and varied personalised learning programme whereby all students can make progress dependent on their achievement levels by accessing the units at either entry-level one, two or three where appropriate. 

School staff use a combination of methods to assess units and this takes place throughout the academic year. An OCR Moderator is then appointed to moderate this evidence.  Students receive a certificate for each full qualification they achieve and a separate certificate, which lists all of the units completed. 

The Life and Living Skills programme divides its units into skill areas, which are delivered across the curriculum at Marlborough School. Skill areas offered within school include:



Personal Skills

Arts and Crafts

Environment and Community

Home Management



Performing Arts


World of Work 


Each year we hold a Celebration of Achievement assembly for students, where they are presented with their OCR certificates.

Key Stage 4 and 5 Achievement in OCR Life and Living Skills Accreditations Graph

Key Stage Graph

The above graph displays the number of certificates achieved in each OCR area for Key Stage 4 and 5 students since they started their accreditation journey. 


Key Stage 4 and 5 Achievements


At Marlborough, we also assess students' achievements towards their Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) and the percentage progress in their M Levels (Marlborough Levels - a personalised assessment system based on the P Levels).  

Key Stage 4 and 5 Personalised Learning Plans Graph
%age PLP Progress Graph
Average M Level Percentage Graph

%age M Level Progress