Student Voice

At Marlborough School, we ensure that our students are at the centre of our school community and that the voices of every young person are heard. Our students use a range of different communication techniques to express their views and our staff team are committed to helping them communicate their wishes and feelings.  

Personalised communication can come in many forms, for example, Intensive Interactive and PECS. Furthermore, we constantly strive to provide learning experiences that meet the individual needs of our students as well as providing many opportunities for our students to communicate their choices, feelings and needs. 

We are dedicated to supporting our students to share their choices and contribute at their annual review meetings. Many students are supported to reflect with independence, on their experiences at school and to make suggestions for next steps so that they are part of the annual review process and their voice is heard.  

Marlborough School also has a School Council. and takes part in the Jack Petchey Awards programme.