Legacy Pathway

Head of Legacy Pathway: Candice Smith

Meadow Classes: Lotus, Orchid and Poppy

Please see here for information about the individual staff members within these classes.


Legacy Pathway Curriculum Themes

Learning opportunities are enhanced by a themed, immersive curriculum that enables students to engage with high quality texts and a wide range of resources.  The Legacy Curriculum operates on a five year rolling programme of themes.

Legacy pathway subject themes


Pathway Activities

Each week Legacy Pathway gather for an assembly to celebrate their work from the week and all pupils are encouraged to bring along something that they have produced and to share with the group. We have also developed community links to support our cultural capital including sessions with Charlton Athletic and Step into Dance. Therapists regularly come to visit classes to support our range of needs including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists. This input helps us to thrive at school, home and in the community. Many of us love to swim and to attend the local leisure centre for gym sessions – it helps us build not only our physical skills but our communication skills and relationships too.  We encourage all our students to undertake work experience either off site or around the Legacy provision in order to develop their world of work skills; this also supports their development and skills across other areas including communication.