Our Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team: 

Linda Lee: Headteacher

Anna Coulstock : Deputy Headteacher

Amy Donaghey : Deputy Headteacher

Candice Smith : Assistant Headteacher

Carol Walker : Assistant Headteacher 


Class Teachers


Carol W

Carol Walker

Lavender Class

Subject area: ICT

Education and background: I gained a BSc in Psychology in 2011 and have worked in SEND education since then - working initially as a Teaching Assistant, then completing my teacher training and gaining QTS in 2015. I joined Marlborough shortly after and have trained as a MOVE trainer, manual handling trainer and Team Teach trainer. I also had the opportunity to complete NPQML and have recently been appointed as Assistant Head.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all students should have access to opportunities to develop their physical skills, including sitting, standing, walking and transferring. High levels of engagement from pupils is at the forefront of my teaching at all times.

Special interest: MOVE, Manual Handling, Assessment/Recording/Reporting, Evidence For Learning, supporting students with medical needs, ICT



Victoria Hall


Education and background: After years of working in the private sector I joined Marlborough in 2018 and quickly found a passion for working with students with PMLD. I was recently appointed as HLTA and take pleasure from contributing to the enrichment of all aspects of students’ lives. I have enjoyed completing many training courses in my time at Marlborough, some of which include Move Senior Practitioner training, Signalong and medical training.

 Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all students should have opportunities to express themselves and make their own choices. I like to bring energy and enthusiasm to encourage play as I believe it maximises engagement which is how students learn best.

Special interests: Creative and Cultural, Intensive Interaction, MOVE, Signalong, Multisensory learning, Attention Autism



Cemaliye Beyzade

Tulip Class

Subject area: PE

Education and Background: I have worked supporting children and adults with SEND since 2012, as a sports leader then a carer. I joined Marlborough School as a TA, then became a HLTA and PE subject lead after I completed my degree in Physical Education and Sport. I have since been appointed as an Unqualified Teacher which will support me to complete my teacher training whilst continuing to teach here at Marlborough.

Teaching philosophy: I believe that all learning should be motivating, fun and exciting in order to attain engagement and encourage progress. I also believe it is very important for all students to have pupil voice and feel listened to at all times, communication and making choices is central to my teaching. I always teach inclusively, all my activities or sessions are accessible for all students and can be individually adapted so that everyone is always included in their own way.

Special interest: MOVE, hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, PE, working with outside agencies



Ellis Hopkins-Bain

Snowdrop Class


Phoenix Gibbs

Phoenix Gibbs

Bluebell Class

Subject area: Sensory

Education background: I have a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Mental Health. I joined Marlborough as a teaching assistant in 2015 with the hope of becoming an Educational Psychologist. While working here I fell in love with teaching and changed my career path. I have been working as a teacher since completing my PGCE in 2019.

Teaching philosophy: I believe that developing great relationships with students and their parents/carers enables me to provide the best quality education and promote student wellbeing. My classroom teaching is guided by the principles of playfulness and having fun while learning. 

Special interests: Sensory diets, Attention Autism, Positive Behavioural support (PBS), Zones of Regulation, Visual supports



Jenny Flynn

Daffodil Class

Subject area: English

Education and background: I gained a First Class BA Honours Degree in Teaching and Learning with Design and Technology in 2002 and started my career as a mainstream primary school teacher in Bexley.  In 2010, I completed my National Award for SENCo and worked as the SENCo for 7 years, supporting children special needs, their families and teachers across the whole school.  I joined Marlborough in 2016 as a class teacher, as I realised that I missed teaching in the classroom, but wanted to continue to develop my expertise and interest in supporting pupils with special needs.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all students should have a wide range of opportunities to explore, grow and develop across the whole curriculum and beyond.  I am passionate about pupils enjoying their learning and try to plan fun and creative ways for everyone to progress, ensuring happy, motivated and enthusiastic learners. I believe that developing strong relationships with not only the students, but also their families, is key.

Special interest: English – phonics, reading and writing; Design Technology; Art; PE



Chris Rizzi

Daffodil Class

Subject area: PE/Physical

Education background: I completed my studies in Acting and Performing Arts at college in 2014, with areas of training including theatre in education/children’s theatre performance, improvisation, physical theatre and storytelling to name a few. I joined Marlborough as a Teaching Assistant in 2019 and directed the Shakespeare play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at the Shakespeare for Schools festival that year. I am now a HLTA aiming to start my teacher training.

Teaching philosophy: It has always been my belief that students learn the most through play. Teaching should be entertaining and fun to all ages and abilities with the focus on developing key skills.

Special interests: Attention Autism, Positive Behavioural support (PBS), Sign language, Zones of Regulation, Performing arts


Kessa Beddington

Kessa Beddington

Lavender Class

Subject Area: PSHE/RSE

Education and Background: I earned a BA in English Literature and a B.Ed in Inclusive Education in 2019, and moved from Canada to join Marlborough in September of that year. I worked as a support worker and interventionist for children with SEN in Canada for many years before channelling my passion for the field into a teaching career.

Teaching Philosophy: As a teacher, I believe that it is my responsibility to create an environment in my classroom where all students feel respected, valued, and cared for. An environment in which they feel confident to explore, make mistakes, and learn and ensures an education that meets their individual needs.  

Special Interests: Lego Therapy, Emotional Regulation and Wellbeing, Heuristic Play, Social Stories, Attention Autism, RSE




Lynne Walker

Lotus Class

Subject area: Creative and Cultural

Education background: I received a BA in Film studies and English from London Southbank University 2013. I went on to further studies and received a MA in Modern and Contemporary literature from Birkbeck the following year. Once I finished my Masters, I worked as a TA at a special school, and then went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary English from Goldsmiths in 2017. I taught English in a mainstream comprehensive secondary school for 3 years before I made the decision to return to SEN and started at Marlborough 2020.

Teaching philosophy: I believe the foundations to good learning is built on strong and positive relationships with students and parents. Building from those relationships, nurturing high engagement in their own learning as well building their independence in whatever task they are attempting.

Special interests: Literature, film and media, social stories



Toni Hooton


Subject area: Careers

Education background: I joined Marlborough School as a teaching assistant in 2014 with the aim to learn about and understand autism. Within 2 years I qualified as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and began taking a lead within the classroom. In 2019 I began training to gain QTLS.

Teaching philosophy: I believe that every child should have a voice no matter what their ability and that adults around them should encourage this. Children should also be given opportunities to explore the world around them however possible in a way that suit their needs.

Special interests: Understanding Autism, Positive Behavioural support (PBS), Zones of Regulation and communication



Cheryl Hollands

Poppy Class

Subject area: Enterprise and Accreditation 

Education background: I have a degree in Surface Design from the University of the Arts London. I joined Marlborough as a midday meals supervisor shortly after finishing my degree in 2010. The following year I took a teaching assistant post, and around two years later was employed as a HLTA. I worked for several years as the Food Technology lead before moving over to Post 16 as a class teacher. I began my teacher training in late 2020, and in January 2021 I moved to an unqualified teacher post while continuing training. On moving to Post 16 I took responsibility for Accreditation and Enterprise due to my creative background. I have previously trained as a Duke of Edinburgh assessor.

Teaching philosophy: I believe that the role of the teacher is to capture the imagination, create irresistible opportunities to explore, foster a love of learning and endlessly champion their students.

Special interests: Autism, Preparing for adulthood, Attention Autism, Imaginative play, Arts & crafts, Gardening & Horticulture, Cooking, Ecology and Environmentalism


Jill p

Jill Page

Education and background:  I have worked at Marlborough for 23 years and have seen how special education has changed during that time.  I have worked as a HLTA across all ages from Year 7 to Post 16 and have been able to use my experience when working within a range of different classes.  I have attended and completed many courses across different areas of SEN which has enabled me to use knowledge gained within my practice when working with our students.  I have also been able to pass on my knowledge to new teaching assistants.

Teaching Philosophy:  I believe students should be happy at school, have fun and be able communicate their wants and needs.  Students should have the opportunity to be as independent as possible, through student voice, exploration, play and MOVE and physio programmes.

Special Interests:  multisensory learning, intensive interaction, TACPAC



Maryam Ghadache

Subject Area: Science

Education Background: I have achieved First class degree in BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology and completed my MA Postgraduate Certificate of Education at King's College London. I joined Marlborough School in 2019. Prior to this, I have worked in mainstream schools and Sixth Form College.

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is that students learn the best when they are in a positive learning environment, where they feel welcomed, comfortable and safe with each other. The possibilities are endless when you have the tools you need to learn.

Special Interests: Dyslexia, Signing, Autism, ADHD and Sensory Learning



Josi Cakebread

Subject area: English

Education and background: I have a BSc in Psychology, which I completed in 2008. I wanted to complete further studies in child psychology so went straight into working at an SEN school as a Teaching Assistant to gain more experience. Whilst I was in this role I soon realised how much I loved supporting the students and their families. From there I went on to further my career by completing a PGCE in Primary Education and gained my qualified teacher status in 2015. Throughout my career I became an Approach trainer and then went on to become the Lead physical intervention trainer in my previous school. I also furthered my knowledge in behaviour whilst I was there and became a Positive Behaviour support coach. I joined Marlborough School in 2019 and have enjoyed my role as a class teacher since being here.

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that building strong relationships of trust with students and their families is a key to enabling communication and support for the students. I believe strongly that we should try and teach independence as much as possible to provide the students with the skills that they will not only use whilst at school but throughout their life.

Special interests: supporting students on the Autistic spectrum, communication, Attention Autism and Positive Behavioural support (PBS)


Maria pic

Maria Eleni Dimopoulou

Subject Area: Maths

Education and background: I gained a BSc in Psychology at the University of Crete in 2007. Whilst completing my placement in a special needs school, I became interested in working with pupils with autism; therefore I pursued and completed a Master's degree in Autism at Strathclyde University. I then went on to complete a MSc degree in Psychological Research Methods: Child Development. I have over 10 years of experience working with people with special needs, first as a support worker, then as a teaching assistant and lastly as a qualified teacher since gaining my QTS in 2017. I recently joined Marlborough school and I am very excited to be part of the team!

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that teaching should be enjoyable and stimulating for both pupils and staff! The most exciting and fun lessons are the ones that the pupils can remember. Working with parents and external professionals is of utmost importance when working with pupils with special needs.

Special interest: Attention Autism, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), yoga and mindfulness


Gemma Jones

Gemma Jones

Education background: I have a BA (Hons) in Childhood Studies with a specialism in Special Educational Needs which I gained in 2017. I started working at Marlborough as a Teaching Assistant in 2015 before becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) in 2017. I’ve always wanted to teach so I decided to go back to college and resit my GCSE’s in 2018, I then went on to complete my PGCE with QTS, which I then achieved in 2020.

Teaching philosophy: I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them and that as a teacher it is important that I find a way to make the adaptations that are needed to make that possible.

Special interests: MOVE, Sensory Stories and Massages, Relaxation Techniques and making communication fun and functional


Office/ Premises and Support Staff: 

Sally Fraser: Admin Assistant

Ciara Mitchell: Admin Assistant

Heather Lee : Receptionist

Katie Robinson: Facilities Manager

Dominic Milne: Premises Manager

Charlie Vincent: ICT Technician

Rebecca Donaghey: Safeguarding and Family Support Worker


Teaching Support Staff:

We have a brilliant team of specialist support staff at Marlborough, please contact your class teacher if you want to find out more.