Performing Arts


At Marlborough School we have a passion for Performing Arts. We want to create opportunities to engage and inspire pupils and their families, in order to nurture their love of music, drama and dance and their talent as performers. We understand that performing arts can enable our students to have amazing, and often emotional encounters that will enrich their confidence, self-expression and engagement.

We continue to strive to develop the delivery of arts to ensure meaningful experiences for our students because we see them grow in confidence, embrace the challenge and thrive with the excitement of a performance or project.

We will take every opportunity to be involved in new projects and performances and are involved in national festivals and local events. These include annual performances at professional venues such as the Royal Festival Hall and Mick Jagger Centre.

Performing Arts within the Curriculum

Music follows our whole school themed curriculum. As part of our music offer, KS3 access weekly music session from Bird College specialist teachers. KS4 also have specialist music over the Summer term. Drama and Dance is taught within our classroom curriculum in our Communication and Creative & Cultural sessions.

In KS4 and 5 Performing Arts are accessed as stand-alone projects, workshops, lunchtime clubs and through school performances and events.

Performing arts can and should be used to enhance teaching any subject within the curriculum, it can boost social development, foster teamwork, help build life skills, encourage focus and positive behaviour, develop creativity, increase confidence, improve coordination, and support the development of fine motor skills.


Extra-Curricular Enrichment

  • Choirs: We have school choirs that are held on our main site and our Post 16 site during lunchtime clubs, our choir members then perform at events including our Christmas concert and our school carol service, as well as joining Bexley Grammar school for a fully inclusive performance in their end of term concerts.
  • Step into Dance: Post 16 have a dance club and sessions run by Step into dance weekly.
  • Magpie Dance: Weekly Dance sessions at Marlborough school.
  • Music club: Post 16 have a weekly music club held at lunch times.
  • After school clubs: Greenwich Academy of Music and Drama host their inclusive performing arts club ‘STAGE RIGHT’ here weekly, which our students can join.
  • Music Therapy:  We have a Music Therapist from Nordolf Robbins working with us weekly as part of his training programme, running individual and group sessions.

Projects and performances

We work on a number of different projects during the academic year, with many of them ending in a performance for family and friends.

To ensure that our provision can be fully inclusive we have looked at a wide range of different projects designed exclusively for specific cohorts. These have included workshops for parents & their children, projects for those with a particular passion/skill for music and projects especially for our more complex students with PMLD.

Recent Performances have included:

  • Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare Schools Festival 2018
  • Marlborough School Carol Service
  • ‘Away in a Spaceship’
  • Marlborough School Choir at Bexley Grammar School ‘Night at the Movies’
  • Post 16 music group with London Symphony Orchestra and Bird College at the Royal Festival hall.


Recent Projects have included:

  • Marlborough Festival 2018 – a week of visiting performances and workshops for the whole school.
  • Wow Now! – a project involving a workshop for based around communication from our students with PMLD which ended in a sharing with parents
  • Tickety Tock – for Marlborough Festival including parent workshop
  • Mousetrap – A theatre project including four workshops and a performance to parents
  • ‘Gung Ho!’ – Workshop project for our students with PMLD run by students from Rose Bruford College
  • Open Orchestra - a 2 year project giving us the opportunity to create our own orchestra using inclusive technology to make it accessible to each student involved meeting their individual needs.


Whole School Performance Events

Carol Service:

We hold a whole school Carol service in December at Holy Trinity Church Lamorbey. This is accompanied by musicians and choir from Bexley Grammar school, who also join in with the Marlborough choirs’ performances.

Christmas Concert:

All students take part in creating a class song performance to share in our school Christmas Concert. This year, it was called Away in a Spaceship. A great time was had by all, costumes and props were amazing!

Marlborough Festival:

To support provision and give our pupils the best opportunities possible, a variety of visiting performers came to Marlborough School and create shared experiences and performances for our students over our festival week. It really created a positive, energetic atmosphere around the school and a great time was had by all!

Marlborough Festival 2018 included:


  • Tim Godwin Music for Everyone with Wow Now workshops (including parent workshop)
  • ALL DIRECTIONS Performing Arts group.
  • Gordon Primary School band
  • Telling Tales – musical duo
  • Bird College Music Teacher recital
  • The Montague Quartet
  • Shenstone school dance group
  • Onslow quintet
  • License to Trill


M and M Productions:

Theatre in Education company MandM productions come to school twice a year, they have performed fantastic productions on our site for the whole school to enjoy including:

  • Peter Pan
  • The Hobbit
  • Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • The Hobbi
  • Snow White