Legacy Provision

Marlborough Legacy Provision forms part of the main Marlborough School, but is accommodated offsite in our purpose-built facility in the Legacy Building at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. It is designed to meet the needs of our older students on the 14-19 pathway, however a small number of Post 16 students who require considerable medical intervention and support, continue to be educated at the main school. The Legacy Provision is sometimes able to meet the needs of individuals who wish to transfer from other special schools. The vision behind our pathway 2 students at Key Stage 4 and 5 being based on a different site is to give students experiences in the wider community before they transition to Post 19 education and the opportunity to face many new and exciting challenges, which will help, prepare them for adult life.

Entry Criteria:

All students wishing to access the provision will have an Education Health Care Plan. Transition from other special schools begins in year 11 when students are invited to join certain sessions or days at our Legacy Provision.

Staffing and resources:

The provision is managed by one of our Assistant Head Teachers, who is part of the Senior Leadership Team. We have experienced teachers and teaching assistants who understand the needs of our students as well as external support such as Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapy and the nursing team. Students also often have access to sessions run by external specialists such as Dance, Choir and Art.

Students benefit from accessing provisions both at the main Marlborough Site as well as provisions at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.  Where appropriate, we offer students a range of activities to develop skills and support their development such as access to onsite work experience, a hydrotherapy pool and a sensory room. Classrooms are resourced based on the needs of the students in each class with the aim of providing an enriching and exciting individualised classroom learning.


The school is fully accessible for students using wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Hoists are fitted in line with the school policy. Full access to all aspects of the curriculum is ensured through the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Teachers ensure students always have access to the equipment they need so that they are fully able to access the curriculum.

Transport Arrangements:

Transport is provided in accordance with Bexley’s transport policy.