Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview 

The aims of our Post 16 curriculum are to:

·        Prepare our students for further education and the world of work

·        Provide our students with opportunities to develop their independent living skills so that they are empowered in their day to day lives and can make informed choices as much as possible

·        Empower our students to participate in society and the wider community, developing relationships and friendships

·        Teach our students to make healthy choices and provide them with a wealth of experiences to enable them to do so


Curriculum areas:

The Post 16 curriculum follows the Preparing for Adulthood areas of focus: Employment, Independent Living, Friends Community and Society and Good Health. There are also regular opportunities for creative and cultural learning experiences. Within these areas students continue to develop their Maths, English and Computing skills in a range of functional ways.

General learning experiences and opportunities within these four areas are outlined below:



PSHE, SRE, Food/every day technology, WRL


·        Food technology

·        Lunchtime clubs

·        Volunteering

·        Duke of Edinburgh

·        Chislehurst and Sidcup School student partnerships

·        Café L’Ecole

·        RSE lessons

·        PHSE lessons



Communication and social interaction


·        Reading and listening to stories

·        Writing

·        Research on jobs and volunteering opportunities

·        Careers Skills

·        Independent Living Skills Flat

·        Using technology to communicate

·        Out and about in the community (allotment, shopping, eating out)



Maths, Science, ICT and DT


·        Young Enterprise

·        Volunteering

·        Handling money in the community

·        Shopping

·        Coin recognition

·        Using ICT packages functionally

·        Online games

·        Coding




PE, Sensory, Hydro/swimming, move/ rebound


·        Gym

·        Forest School

·        Health and beauty club

·        Tac Pac

·        Sherborne

·        Sports club

·        Dance club

·        Food Technology- healthy eating

·        Emotional wellbeing




All learning experiences are differentiated and individualised depending on the needs of the student. This is informed by student’s PLP targets which are developed largely from their EHCP targets. This helps us focus on the individual skills students need to be as successful as possible in their destinations Post 19. Additionally, holistic assessment is carried out in line with the school’s assessment procedures.


All students in Post 16 are entered for OCR accreditation. The units they complete and at which level are dependent on their individual needs, learning style and interests. Our accreditation pathways further support our aims to empower students to be successful in their destinations Post 19 with units covering communication, functional numeracy, the world of work, local community and household management.