Jack Petchey Winners 2017/2018

Award for Transition: Paul

Paul has had a fantastic transition from his primary school.  He is a happy, kind, and helpful young man who likes to help his friends and the staff in his class.  Paul is using his talker to communicate effectively in class and new words are being added all the time to extend his vocabulary. Well done Paul!

Jack petchey paul

Award for Small Step Learning: Jack

Jack is always keen to learn.  He has been able to identify symbols to follow a pattern.  He makes good use of switches during stories and now listens to instructions when playing sound games, recognising colours and matching coins.  Jack has coped well during this period despite his broken leg and has worked hard during his physiotherapy sessions.  Jack is always enthusiastic and happy.

Congratulations Jack!


Jack petchey jack

Award for communication: Ayo

Ayo is an outstanding student who works hard all the time at school. He is kind to everyone and tries really hard to make friends. Ayo's speech can make it difficult at times for him to make himself understood, therefore school have used a range of strategies that help him build his confidence and self-esteem, Ayo will use his proloquo2go to ask for what he needs, to comment on things he can see, to discuss his weekend and any other exciting things he wants to tell us.  

By using his communication aid, Ayo has begun to use his speech more and he is now beginning to say words and sentences more clearly. Great progress!

Jack petchey ayo

Lunchtime Conduct: James

James is a fantastic help to staff at lunchtimes.  James helps wipe the tables and chairs after lunch and also puts the chairs away for the kitchen staff.

He sets up lunch time clubs, including setting up the computer for cinema club independently. 

James is extremely polite and will go up to other students at lunch time to chat to them if he thinks they need his help or are becoming anxious. He also reads to other students at lunch time.

All the staff think he is a ‘super star’.  Well Done James!


Jack petchey james

Marlborough School Post 16 Student of the Year: Aaron

This award goes to Aaron for his amazing transition to Post 16 and for his participation in many new activities and experiences.   He has taken on every challenge and opportunity, including being a part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival and the LSO performance project with Bird College at The Royal Festival Hall.  Aaron performed beautifully.

Well Done Aaron!

Jack petchey aaron

Marlborough Student of the Year Award: Tobi

Tobi has grown in confidence this year. His participation in his class group is fantastic. He is now using his PECS for communication but has increased his verbal communication during story time and choir.

There has been excellent progression in his independence around school, especially during the lunch time period, delivering letters to the school office and in the School Cafe.

Well Done Tobi!

Jack petchey tobi