Posted on: June 21st 2022

Interplay Theatre

My Life with the Wave is an inclusive and playful multi-sensory show for young people with disabilities that brings together live dance, theatre and interactive performance with sensory play and emotive storytelling. 

Interplay Theatre brings the magic of theatre into the school, with performances that are accessible and inclusive, using music, movement, digital technology and physical interaction to help engage audiences and tell the story, immersing learners in the world of the play. 

Their sensory theatre has a transformative impact on learners, giving them opportunities to explore the senses through a compelling storytelling experience. 

My Life with the Wave is a wordless narrative told through movement and sensory exploration. The show is a tale of friendship taking audiences on a journey beneath the waves.

Lavender, Snowdrop and Tulip classes had individual dedicated slots to engage with this exciting performance.