If you would like a paper copy of any of the school policies or any of the information on the school website, please contact the main school reception to request this. 

Policies Date  
16-19 Bursary Fund 04th Jul 2019 Download
Accessibility Plan 15th Mar 2019 Download
Admissions Policy 31st May 2019 Download
Anti Bullying 19th Nov 2018 Download
Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy 23rd May 2019 Download
Attendance 20th Mar 2019 Download
Behaviour Policy SEP 20 COVID addendum 04th Sep 2020 Download
Behaviour Principles Written Statement 01st Oct 2019 Download
Bereavement Policy 12th Nov 2019 Download
Capability (Performance Procedure) Bexley 18th Jun 2019 Download
Capability and Appraisals (Teachers) 18th Jun 2019 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 12th Jun 2019 Download
Complaints Policy and Procedure 05th Jun 2019 Download
Curriculum Policy 10th Sep 2019 Download
Data Protection Policy 06th Dec 2019 Download
Employee Code Of Conduct 27th Nov 2018 Download
Equality Policy and Objectives 15th Oct 2019 Download
Exclusions 05th Jun 2019 Download
Freedom of Information 18th Jun 2019 Download
Governor Allowances Policy 11th Jun 2019 Download
Governors Code of Conduct 18th Jun 2019 Download
Governors Written Statement of Behaviour Principles 09th Nov 2018 Download
Health & Safety 18th Jun 2019 Download
Home School Agreement 2018-2019 18th Jun 2019 Download
Lockdown Procedure 30th Nov 2018 Download
Managing Allegations Bexley Protocol Procedure 09th Oct 2019 Download
Managing Allegations of Abuse against staff in Bexley 09th Oct 2019 Download
Online Safety Policy 19th Feb 2019 Download
Pay Policy 31st Oct 2019 Download
Pay Policy 2018-2019 18th Jun 2019 Download
Positive Behaviour Support Policy 01st Oct 2019 Download
Prevent Assesment 04th Dec 2019 Download
Privacy Notice 12th Dec 2019 Download
Promoting British Values at Marlborough School 13th Jul 2018 Download
Provider Access Policy 14th Mar 2019 Download
Register of Business Interests of Head Teachers and Governors 18th Jun 2019 Download
Relationship and Sex Education Policy 03rd Jan 2019 Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Covid 19 Addendum 07th Apr 2020 Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 20th Sep 2020 Download
Safer Recruitment Policy 20th Sep 2019 Download
SEN Information Report 2018-2019 01st Oct 2019 Download
Staff Wellbeing Policy 31st Oct 2019 Download
Student Wellbeing Policy 31st Oct 2019 Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions 13th Jan 2019 Download
The Management of Harrasment of Staff 14th Nov 2018 Download
Whistleblowing 14th Nov 2018 Download