School Council

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The Marlborough School Council is a forum in which the voices of our children can be heard. At the beginning of every school year our students are supported to vote within their classes for a school council representative. The votes are collected and whoever has the most votes is awarded their School Council Badge during a school assembly. School Council Meetings take place once every half term.

At Post 16, students were given the opportunity to apply for the position of Head Boy and Girl. All students at Post 16 were given a Job Description and they could decide whether they would like to apply for the position with support from staff.

Every year the School Council has a focus and this year it reflects our School Ethos and Values of: Happiness, Empowerment, Aspiration, Respect and Teamwork.

At the first meeting of this school term the School Council adopted the values of:

·        A friendly welcome for everyone

·        Everyone is equal

·        Work together as a team

·        Achievements are celebrated

The School Council awards ‘School Council Achievement’ certificates to any students who are noted to be reflecting the above values.

In the Autumn term the School Council displayed photographs of students undertaking activities that made them happy at school and also arranged a ‘Design a Christmas Card’ competition.

This Spring Term, the School Council are leading Council Meetings within each class and the focus will be on students making choices. Staff will be supporting them to build resilience and to make decisions about their school life and experiences. Students will also be discussing what they feel proud of and what they would like to accomplish in the future.

During the Summer term the School Council will be working together and taking an active role in school events and celebrations such as Sports Day and also Celebration of Achievement.

The School Council has display boards at both the Marlborough and Post 16 site which have the School Council Values, photographs of the members, the minutes of the last School Council Meeting and the date of the next meeting.