NOVEMBER 2019: Consultation regarding Day Centres for Adults

Coffee Morning held, which was attended by Bexley Adult Services to consult with parents and students about their proposed plans for the non-procurement of Day Centres. Their plan is to move to community facing day opportunities together with three Community Hubs as an alternative offer to the existing day centres.

The coffee morning was held at the P16 site and students were spoken to regarding their wishes and feelings for the future and what they would like from day centres.

Students shared their views that they like and would want:

  • Dancing/ music
  • Ipad/ internet
  • Going out- gym/ zumba/ swimming/ horseriding
  • Shopping
  • Going to the cafe
  • Expressing the wish to be a hairdresser/ make up artist in the future
  • Wanting to work on trains
  • Wanting to go on trips to places like Chessington