Stories permeate our lives, form our identity and underpin our self-esteem and books are an amazing resource to use with your child.  Give them the opportunity to hold them and turn the pages.  You can read to them, use funny voices, chant the words together or build anticipation with books with repetition, allowing your child to join in.  If you have a voice output device such as a bigmac at home, you could record repetitive phrases so that they can join in.   Or you could get creative and make up your own stories or a poem.  Use props to bring your stories to life: teddies, lights or smells for example. 

We have put together a range of different stories for your child to access at home: 


Ancient Egypt Sensory Story

India Sensory Story

Mount Kilimanjaro

People Who Can Help Me

Rainy Day

South Africa

The Masai

The Space Race

We're going on a Safari!

Weather in Space

Dinosaur Hunt

Down in the Jungle

Massage stories

Massage stories are much loved by many of our pupils.  The therapeutic benefits of simple massage strokes, can present fantastic opportunities for a nurturing experience.  Live Massage Stories can be found on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm:

Circus Massage Story

Jungle Massage Story

Farm Massage Story

Online Stories

Why not check out Barefoot Books online and on You tube.  They are a huge favourite with many of our pupils and I am sure they will love to see them at home.

We all go Travelling

The Animal Boogie

Magic Train Ride

A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea

Over in the Meadow

Up Up Up

A Dragon on the Doorstep

Space Song Rocket Ride

Sensory Stories

Sensory stories tell a story using words and sensory stimuli. This means that the story can be understood and enjoyed equally by someone who understands the spoken word, and by someone who does not understand the spoken word. Communicating stories through sensory stimuli gives children the opportunity to take part in the story telling experience and learn the skills of listening and responding. Sensory stories are a lot of fun, and everyone needs to be having fun. Check out the links below for a range of fantastic sensory stories:



Developing phonics dexterity is a natural progression for pupils who have developing verbal communication skills.  Many of our pupils benefit from structured access to environmental and instrumental sounds. This comprises the early recognition of sound before making links to letters. In class we support this learning through a variety of equipment and resources; we have put together some resources for you to use at home via the computer to practice this skill.  Also, you can always go outside and listen for sounds or sounds in your home. 

Aspect 1 Phonics Resources

A trip to the Park

A trip to the Zoo


On the Farm

Guess the Sounds

Sounds Lotto Cards


Phonics Read & Race Game 1

Phonics Read & Race Game 2Phonics Read & Race Game 3

Phonics Phase 2 Home Learning Challenges

Phonics Phase 3 Home Learning Challenges


Other Activities

Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions

Comparing Numbers to 10

Word Activity Booklet

Cutting Skills Activity

Links to Webpages:

Bag books on Facebook

Singing Hands on Facebook