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Music can be from a number of different outlets, including on a tablet or TV.  Try to vary the type of music you listen to by trying a new radio station such as classical, jazz or opera.  If you have access to a bigmac at home, you could record your child’s favourite theme tune or song for them to listen to repeatedly. 

Children's songs, especially songs that feature interactive activities have many benefits.  They help to strengthen memory and recall, develop fine and gross motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination. We have collated a selection which our pupils should recognise. 


Action Songs

Freeze Song              

Jump Up, Bend Down                

Move and Freeze

The Music Man          

Jump, Run and Shout                

Shake your Sillies Out

I can Move my Body like Anything                                



Calming Music

Listen to calming music with your child.  There are many benefits to listening to calming music, such as improved quality of sleep, reducing stress levels and helping pupils focus. 







Soothing Sensory

Bubble Tube

Light Tunnel


Signing Music

Our pupils love watching You Tube clips whilst listening to music; signing songs are a favourite with many pupils.  Signing Hands on You Tube in particular, are loved by many of our pupils. 

This is Me                  

A Million Dreams                         

A Thousand Years

A Thousand Miles     

Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes        

Mr Tumble Alphabet Song


ABC Music

Soundabout UK