School Waste Action Club

Marlborough School have been working in partnership with Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) for the last two years. We have been collaborating together on projects related to protecting our local and global environment, with a focus on reusing waste.

Our students have had the chance to ‘green up’ our schools outside environment by using waste that would otherwise be thrown away. SWAC have run workshops on, ‘Nature Creations`, where we have learnt about our local wildlife and made bug hotels, bird feeders and recycled plastic bottles to make plant holders

During our Arts Week at Marlborough, students were given the opportunity to become ‘Recycling Rangers`, we learnt about what rubbish can be recycled and the importance of the 3 R’s. (Reduce, reuse and recycle). With the support of Joanne and Marie our Waste Education Officers our students were taught how to use tools safely to create a beautiful mural using recycled plastic bottle tops. Some students used saws and hammers to reuse wooden pallets to make a tree that will be proudly displayed up at our Forest School. These experiences enabled our students to learn new skills while taking risks in a safe, closely supervised environment.

Previously SWAC have donated compost to our school and came to help plant trees, willow and plants for our sensory beds in our Forest School. They have supported students to create potting stands for wheelchair users up at our allotment and facilitated various work experience projects for our students at Post 16.

SWAC is a free educational service to all Bexley schools promoting the 3Rs. If you would like more information on SWAC services please see:

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