After School and Lunch Clubs

Lunch Clubs: 

Tuesday: Zumba

This is a popular lunchtime club in which students learn the dance moves to different Zumba dances. Each week a different student stands at the front of the group to help lead the session.

All students that attend enjoy the session and there is a great atmosphere.

Wednesday: Magpie Dance 

Magpie dance come in to play music and dance with the students 


Thursday: Charlton Football  

Charlton football come into school and do a variety of activities with the students 


After School Clubs: 

Time: 3.30pm-5pm. 

Costs £7 per session for 16 weeks. 

Parents are required to pay in advance for each term and there will be no refunds for sessions if your child cannot attend, however, the school will refund you if we need to cancel. 

Wednesday: Stage Right

Run by GAMD ltd, is a fully inclusive performing arts group aimed primarily at children with special needs and ais led by experienced, specialised performing arts teachers.

Stage Right provides members with a way to access performances appropriate to their individual needs. Participants, aged between 8 and 19 years, are encouraged to use music, drama, and dance to develop confidence, performance and communication skills.

The Stage Right philosophy is that everyone should achieve their potential in performing arts no matter what their starting point.

DANCE activities include: Expressive, communicative, and character work.

DRAMA activities include: Voice projection, role-play, confidence building exercises and mini productions

MUSIC activities include: Exploration of voice and percussive instruments, composition and small group performances.

Participants work in pairs, groups and individually.

OT and physiotherapy needs will be considered wherever possible.

For more information on joining please email: